What if we told you that you can manage your clients and interact with them in a single platform?

No need to create excel sheets, no need to use external forms and collect data from your clients. Dealixio is the ultimate proposal software that will help you manage everything!

Grow your business without wasting time

Managing clients should be easy and fast. Spending too much time on complexity is a waste not only of time, but also money.

We are here to help you. Dealixio is a software that helps you to manage and interact with your clients.

Manage users
The CRM software allows you to collect, store and update information about your clients, customers, and users. You can add new users to the system, track their activity, assign roles and permissions, and access their data from a single dashboard. This feature enables you to keep track of all your users' interactions and manage their accounts efficiently.
Collect payments and send invoices
With the payments and invoices feature, you can keep track of your customers' payments and send invoices to them with ease. You can set up payment reminders, recurring invoices, and payment schedules to automate your invoicing process. This feature also enables you to integrate with payment gateways to streamline the payment process.
Send quotes and proposals
You can send quotes and proposals to your customers via the CRM software. This feature allows you to create and send professional-looking proposals and quotes that can be customized to suit the needs of each customer. You can also track the status of each proposal and monitor the progress of your sales pipeline.
Onboard clients
The CRM software provides a platform link that enables your customers to provide information and onboard themselves. This feature eliminates the need for manual data entry and allows your customers to input their details quickly and accurately.
Work with multiple currencies and languages
The CRM software is designed to work with different types of invoices depending on the country. This feature allows you to customize your invoices to comply with local tax regulations and accounting standards. You can also generate reports that give you insights into your business performance across different countries and regions.

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